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Drawbacks of Turnitin

Turnitin is widely used in academic settings to help students and teachers write plagiarism-free content. It helps teachers quickly check content for originality and helps students write plagiarism-free content. Although Turnitin has helped students and teachers write original content, it has its drawbacks:


The biggest drawback of Turnitin is that it is not open to everyone for use. It is only accessible by Professors and Students of academic institutes that have an active contract with Turnitin. We strongly believe that basic technologies such as plagiarism checker should be available to all users without any hassle.

Contract-based Pricing Model

Turnitin does not have a published pricing model. It is deliberately kept private so Turnitin is able to negotiate the best commercial contract with academic institutes. Like most enterprise sales, the goal for Turnitin is to maximize the contract value - and it will therefore price it's services based on the maximum possible value that can be extracted from the customers. We can also assume that academic institutes sign non-disclosure agreements to keep pricing details private. It is therefore impossible for us to know how much it charges. This acts as a barrier to regular folks who might want to leverage the technology but are not privileged to do so.

Indexing Delays

While Turnitin claims to update their data marts (indexes) on a regular basis, there is always some delay. Writers who are publishing news content on daily basis might not be able to catch plagiarism if Turnitin's indexes are not updated. Plagibot, on the other hand, offers the best-in-class technology that can scans the most recent content on World Wide Web.

Ethical Considerations

Submissions on Turnitin are added to Turnitin's database It has been argued before that students forgo their intellectual property rights to their content when they submit content via Turnitin. This is because submissions are added to augment Turnitin databases. This does raise ethical questions that students and professors have to consider.

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Unlike Turnitin, our pricing model is published for everyone to see. We are open to everyone and don't require negotiated contracts as a ticket to admission.

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