About Us

Plagibot is based in Atlanta, GA. We are a small team that is the best in our fields: scraping the web, parsing, natural language processing, and digital warehousing & search. We love bringing order to digital content and making it easily searchable for plagiarism and similarity. We ultimately share a common passion for creating the world's best plagiarism checker.

We listen to our customers.

Your trust is the most important thing to us.

By using our product, you place your trust in our ability to perform a world-class search. We take that trust very seriously and make sure we work every day to delight and enthuse you as you engage with Plagibot.

Since 2010, we have had hundreds of interactions with our customers to collect their feedback. That feedback is what has ultimately shaped Plagibot. We believe the product needs to serve the customer and not the other way around. Let's chat - we'd love to hear from you.

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3550 Lennox Rd NE, Floor 21st, Atlanta, GA 30327