Learn how to check for duplicate content

Checking for plagiarism has never been more easy. Plagibot is an open-to-all Plagiarism Checker that can be used to scan your writing against all content that is available online. We are able to scan the web within seconds and highlight any plagiarized content. To try it, simply enter your text below and click on the "Search" button:

How to Check for Duplicate Content: Tools and Tips

It is critical that any website must carry content that is original. Plagiarized content on your website is simply put a big mistake because it will hurt your SEO optimization efforts, resulting in poor search rankings, but also your brand's prestige. Copying other people's work as your own, also known as plagiarism, can result in serious ethical and commercial harm. Google is very good at detecting duplicate content. Since it already knows all online content better than any other piece of technology out there, the chances are that it can also detect plagiarism better than anything. It is well known that once it detects plagiarism, it simply lowers the rank of the page. In some extreme circumstances, it may not even index your page at all. It is definitely better not to publish at all - than to publish plagiarized content.

On the flip size, it is not your content you should worry about. What about someone else copying your content and using it to their benefit? This can, inadvertently, harm you. As unfair as it may seem, people and technologies are not always able to tell who wrote the content first. It is therefore also equally important to make sure that your content is not plagiarized by anyone else.

What do we mean by "Duplicate Content"?

By definition, duplicate content is simply a single or more sentence that exists at multiple places, online or offline. An easier example to understand might be a paragraph worth of writing that appears on multiple websites. If you copy someone's content on to your website or an offline paper, that qualifies as plagiarism and "Duplicate Content". Similarly, if someone else copies your work, that also qualifies as plagiarism or "Duplicate Content".

Other than the moral and ethical issues associated with "Duplicate Content", it also poses a technical issue in the online world. Search engines are supposed to provide the most relevant results to a search query. If there are two relevant pages on two different websites - but with the same content, a search engine will not know how to rank the two pages because they are identical. To avoid such situations, most search engines including Google will simply mark both pages as "Duplicate Content" and exclude from the search results. We therefore highly recommend that you periodically check your critical content (web pages that get the most traffic) for plagiarism using Plagibot.

How can Plagibot help me identify Duplicate Content?

Plagibit is world's best Plagiarism Checker. It essentially can check any writing against all digital content available on the world-wide-web and highlight duplicate content. While it may not be able to automatically detect duplicate content on a large website, but it is the world's best tool to manually check each article/web-page/essay for plagiarism and duplicity.